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Ringing in the New Year by Desert Sun

Word count 308


(A Poem by Pony Alice through the pen of Desert Sun, January 1, 2014.)

January 1, 1873:

The old year is past and a new has begun.
We sure did have us a passel of fun
Ringing out the old and bringing in the new
With family and friends and the Lancer Ranch crew.

Dinner was at eight in the side courtyard
Where I got to sit by Johnny, my pard.
Never such a feast have you ever seen;
The tamales and beef sure were keen.

One punch was off limits to us who are young;
Some who drank it was hanging out their tongue.
We danced and we sang as the hour drew near
For the coming arrival of the brand new year.

Johnny whirled me and he twirled me
‘Til I was so dizzy I could hardly see.
Then with twelve grapes held in one hand
And not a peep from the Mexican band,

We listened close for the grandfather clock
To tick away to its last tock
And strike the first loud bong
Of its final midnight song

That would announce the hour
That would start the grand shower
Of fireworks lighting up the night
As we all shouted with all our might.

Happy New Year to all around!
May hope and peace and joy abound.


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2 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year by Desert Sun

  1. I’ve been reading and loving your Pony Alice stories. I loved the diary and this New Year’s poem. I can see a little girl in all of them.
    Thanks for writing them,!


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