Lancer Rhymes by Desert Sun

Word Count 1877


Note from Author:
In early 2004, I was a member of a strictly for fun Lancer group on Yahoo.  I decided to try writing some Lancer Rhymes.  I found a Website that had a bunch of Nursery Rhymes and used them as a format.  Once I got started, I couldn’t stop until I had written a bunch of them.  A few of the Nursery Rhymes inspired multiple Lancer Rhymes.  In small print at the end of each rhyme or set of rhymes, I’ve given the name of the Nursery Rhyme that the rhyme is patterned after.  For added fun, see if you can guess the names before you look at them.

Hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did writing them.
Cathy Friend Howes (aka Desert Sun)

* * * * *

Mister Johnny Lancer

Mister Johnny Lancer
Stepped out on the dance floor
To give Miss Teresa a whirl.

Along came his brother
And sidled up beside her,
Then stole her away with a twirl.

(Revision of Little Miss Muffet and Little Jack Horner)
(Originally posted 1/27/04)


Scott and Johnny

Scott and Johnny rode out one day
To find the Lancer cattle.
Scott dismounted to look
In every crevice and nook,
But Johnny stayed in the saddle.

(Revision of Jack and Jill)
(Originally posted 1/27/04)


Johnny had a Golden Horse

Johnny had a golden horse;
Its mane was creamy white.
And everywhere that Johnny rode;
B’ranca ran with all his might.

He raced up a mountain side one day—
Murdoch said he’d never last—
But still the hands did yell and cheer
To see him go so fast.

With straining neck, flying shod hooves,
And silky streaming tail;
He proudly bore his master
While darting up the trail.

Scott thought he’d never keep that pace
To the top of the rocky rim,
For the trail was narrow and treacherous;
This made his chances slim.

But Barranca never missed a step
Or slowed to take a rest;
He hurdled up with bounding strides
Until he reached the crest.

“What makes him pour his all out so?”
Asked a new man in amaze,
For never had he witnessed
Such heart or speed or grace.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard?”
Replied Scott, taking off a glove.
“What fosters such great loyalty
Is Johnny’s steadfast love.”

(Revision of Mary Had a Little Lamb)
(Originally posted 1/28/04)


One, Two, Sons for You

One, two,
Sons for you;
Three, four,
Don’t be sore;
Five, six,
They’re in a fix;
Seven, eight,
So they’ll be late;
Nine, ten,
When they come in;
Eleven, twelve,
Contain yourself;
Thirteen, fourteen,
In order to win;
Fifteen, sixteen,
Be glad for them;
Seventeen, eighteen,
And give a grin;
Nineteen, twenty,
With teeth a plenty.

(Revision of One, Two, Buckle My Shoe)
(Posted 1/30/04)

Old Man Lancer

Old man Lancer
Rode out to the pasture
To watch his sons a brandin’.

At sight of their dad,
They became very sad
For he was far too commandin’.

(Revision of Old Mother Hubbard)
(Posted 1/30/04)


Murdoch, the Scot

Murdoch, the Scot
Good luck had not;
His sons were both stolen away.

That all did change
When he could arrange
For them to return one day.

(Revision of Little Bo Peep)
(Posted 1/30/04)


Johnny Madrid

Johnny Madrid fast,
Johnny Madrid slow,
Johnny Madrid always last
In the show.

Some like him fast,
Some like him slow,
Some like him always last
In the show.

(Revision of Pease Porridge)
(Posted 1/30/04)


Run Away Scott

Run away, Scott, and catch that train;
When you reach Lancer, you will gain
A father and brother and sister, too.
Life will be sweet for all of you.

(Revision of Hush-a-bye, Baby)
(Posted 1/30/04)


What is Johnny Madrid made of?

What is Johnny Madrid made of, made of?
What is Johnny Madrid made of?
“A gentle smile and a lightening draw;
That’s what Johnny Madrid’s made of, made of.”


What is Scott Lancer made of?

What is Scott Lancer made of, made of?
What is Scott Lancer made of?
“A loyal heart and nerves of steel;
That’s what Scott Lancer is made of, made of.”

(Two revisions of What are Little Boys made of?)
(Posted 1/30/04)


Hey there Scotsman

Hey there Scotsman,
Have you any sons?
Yes, I do, sir;
These are the ones.
Scott is in Boston,
Johnny in Mexico.
Both taken from me
A long time ago.

(Revision of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Oh, What a Riddle

Oh, what a riddle;
I’m caught in the middle.
Son, tell me who might you be?

The gunfighter, Madrid,
Or my long lost kid;
Which is the Johnny that I see?

(Revision of Hey Diddle Diddle)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Clippity, Clippity, Clop

Clippity, clippity, clop,
Barranca jogged by the shop.
With head held high,
He heaved a sigh.
Clippity, clippity, clop.


Slippity, Slappity, Slosh

Slippity, slappity, slosh,
Teresa, the floor did wash.
‘Til was so clean
Her face was seen.
Slippity, slappity, slosh.

(Two revisions of Hickory, Dickory, Dock)
(Posted 2-7-04)


One Day Scott Lancer

One day Scott Lancer took a trip out West
For to see his father, and you know the rest.
There he found a brother he would not have known
Had ever existed, if not for going home.

(Revision of Eency Weency Spider)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Ride a Stagecoach

Ride a stagecoach to meet your fate
At Morro Coyo in California state.
You’ll find a brother, a gunfighter is he;
But he’ll be your best friend, just wait and see.

(Revision of Ride a Cock-horse)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Me! My! Moe! Mum!

Me! My! Moe! Mum!
I’m the younger son of a Scotsman.
Be he right or be he wrong,
I’ll be in trouble before too long.

(Revision of Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Mighty Feisty Fighter

Mighty feisty fighter,
My son, Scott,
Ran out to where
His brother was shot.
Thus, he proved
Afraid he’s not.
Mighty feisty fighter,
My son, Scott.

(Revision of Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling)
(Posted 2-7-04)


He’s Doubting, He’s Pouting

He’s doubting; he’s pouting;
My old man is shouting.
I’m his son,
The younger one,
And he don’t know to what I’m amounting.

Doubt, doubt, go away;
Don’t come back another day,
Or Johnny Madrid’ll have to pay.

(Revision of It’s raining, it’s pouring)
(Posted 2-7-04)

Little Boy, Mine

Little boy, mine, where did you go?
I’ve searched every town in all of Mexico.
Where is Johnny, my blue-eyed son?
He’s down on the border, facing a gun?
Will he be saved? He must be,
Or Scott and me, he’ll never see.

(Revision of Little Boy Blue)
(Posted 2-7-04)


Johnny Boy! Johnny Boy!

Johnny, boy! Johnny, boy!
Strap on your gun.
Your home’s in danger,
About to be overrun.
Your dad was shot
From ambush, they say.
He’ll need you and Scott
To win against Day.


Scotty Boy! Scotty Boy!

Scotty Boy! Scotty Boy!
Get on that train.
Your father needs you;
You’ve much to gain–
A share for you
Of all that you’ll see
And a brother, too,
For getting Pardee.

(Two revisions of Ladybug! Ladybug!)
(Posted 2-18-04)

The Lancer Characters

Scott is handsome;
Scott is wise;
Scott’s another Lancer,
I surmise.

Johnny’s deadly;
Johnny’s quick;
Johnny’s one gunfighter
you can’t lick.

Jelly’s grumpy;
Jelly’s old;
Jelly ramrods Lancer,
I am told.

Murdoch’s stubborn;
Murdoch’s tall;
Murdoch’s the ruler
of them all.

Teresa’s pretty;
Teresa’s smart;
Teresa’s one girl
who’s all heart.

Dewdrop’s noisy;
Dewdrop’s bold;
Dewdrop’s one bird
all will scold.

(Multiple revisions of Jack, be Nimble)
(All posted 2-18-04)


Round ’em up, Round ’em up

Round ’em up; round ’em up, Lancer son.
Hunt up them cattle an’ when you’re done,
Rope ’em, and mark ’em, and brand ’em with an “L”
Then you’ll get a night in town for doin’ so well.

(Revision of Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake)
(Posted 2-18-04)


Lancer Medley

Johnny, Johnny, fast and wary,
Would you like a brother?
Polite, yet bold, with heart of gold,
He’ll not be like any other.

Scott, Scott, no longer a tot,
It’s time you did decide.
In grandfather’s nest or the Wild West,
Which will you choose to reside.

Murdoch, Murdoch, hard as a rock,
Bending you must soon learn.
Your sons will smile, and in a while,
Their loyalty you will earn.

Jelly, Jelly, face so hairy,
Why don’t you ever shave?
A bristled chin, fair maid won’t win
Nor the road to love pave.

(Multiple revisions of Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary)
(Posted 2-18-04)


If Wishes were Money

If wishes were money,
Then Johnny wouldn’t have
Chosen pistols over lassos.
He’d have reason to laugh;
And if “ifs” and “ands”
Made for calloused hands,
He’d never have been a gunfighter!

(Revision of If Wishes Were Horses)
(Original posting date not recorded)


Lancer Ranch is Under Siege
(A song)

Lancer Ranch is under siege,
Under siege,
Under siege.
Lancer Ranch is under siege,
My son, Johnny.

Catch a stage and get on home;
Get on home;
Get on home.
Catch a stage and get on home,
My son, Johnny.

Help your brother in the fight,
In the fight,
In the fight.
Help your brother in the fight,
My son, Johnny.

Find Pardee and make him pay;
Make him pay;
Make him pay.
Find Pardee and make him pay,
My son, Johnny.

Not many men does he have,
Does he have,
Does he have.
Not many men does he have,
My son, Johnny.

A share of this ranch you will earn;
You will earn;
You will earn.
A share of this ranch you will earn,
My son, Johnny.

Day Pardee must be stopped,
Must be stopped,
Must be stopped.
Day Pardee must be stopped,
My son, Johnny.

I love this ranch, can’t you see;
Can’t you see;
Can’t you see?
I love this ranch, can’t you see,
My son, Johnny.

It was built for you and Scott,
You and Scott,
You and Scott.
It was built for you and Scott,
My son, Johnny.

Once we win, we three will be,
Three will be,
Three will be.
Once we win, we three will be,
My son, Johnny.

Partners and a family,
Partners and a family,
My son, Johnny.

(Revision of the song London Bridge is Falling Down)
(Original posting date not recorded)


There Once was a Rancher

There once was a rancher, who lived out west,
His family miles apart and so began the quest.
He sent for his sons, and offered each a part
Of his beloved land and aching heart.

(Revision of There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe)
(Original posting date not recorded)


Murdoch’s Woe

Scott’s mom was sweet and kind;
Johnny’s, a temper had.
Murdoch lost the both of them,
So his sons never called him Dad.

(Revision of Jack Sprat)
(Not previously posted.)


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