Lancer Limericks 2015 by Desert Sun

Word Count 332


(Written for 2015 August/September Limerick challenge on Lancer_Writers group on Yahoo.)
Posted August 29, 2015:

Limerick #1: Brothers

Out on the range one day, Johnny did ride
With his brother Scott not far from his side.
Not a word they spoke
As the day awoke–
Each content in his own thoughts to abide

Limerick #2: Sons

Murdoch scowled again at the slamming door–
Head aching worse now than it had before.
That argument with Scott
Like Johnny’s had been hot.
Sons! Oh, why did they have to get so sore?

Limerick #3: Mules

Mules. The most useless critter on earth–
Orn’ry, cantankerous, and dumb since birth.
Jelly’d ship ’em all out
With a big whooping shout.
Any ol’ nag of a horse had more worth.

Posted September 2, 2015:

Limerick #4: Dreaming

Dare she dream that one day she would wed
A blue-eyed man with dark hair on his head?
With wavering hopes
And a few big gulps,
Pony Alice settled back into bed.

Limerick #5: Plucking Daisies

With each plucked petal, I cast my lot.
He loves me, yes, or he loves me not.
Daisy, please tell me
Which one it will be.
If it’s not Johnny, then let it be Scott.

Limerick #6: Regrets

One son in Boston. One in Mexico.
Not by Murdoch’s choice, as I’m sure you know.
Both were taken from him
At someone else’s whim;
How he wished he could have watched them grow.


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