Spring is Here by Beverly P.

Word Count 355

“There are sure signs that Spring is coming”, his grandfather used to say. Scott relished the coming of Spring while he was growing up in Boston; sometimes the winter was never-ending. Crocuses springing up, “peepers” heard along the banks of the Charles, people out for walks in the warmer weather heralded the time when they could start thinking of putting away heavy winter coats.

This was his first Spring at Lancer. He wondered what it would be like. There hadn’t been the amount of snow he had been accustomed to in the valley; he could only really find snow up in the mountains.

As he was riding back home after checking on the stock, he spied something along the bank of a stream. ‘Oh, Teresa sure would like some of these for the dining room’ he thought. Dismounting, he cut a few and gently put his treasure into his saddlebags.

Upon returning to the hacienda, he gave his horse over to one of the hands, and, keeping his “treasure” behind his back, made his way into the kitchen, where he found Teresa.

“Good Morning, Teresa. I was thinking of you today as I was riding along; thinking of Spring here at Lancer. It’s my first, Johnny’s as well, so I want it to be special. When I lived with my grandfather in Boston, I used to enjoy watching for signs that Spring had sprung. I hope you enjoy what I have here for you. There’s a little poem that is apropos at this time, so here goes…..”

Scott started to recite:

“There is a little pussy, her coat is silver gray

She lives down in the meadow, not very far away

She’ll always be a pussy, she’ll never be a cat

Her name is Pussy Willow, now what do you think of that!”

Teresa beamed as Scott presented her with a handful of pussy willows he had brought her. They were both startled when they heard applause from the doorway. Unbeknown to them, Murdoch and Johnny had been standing there the whole time, very entertained by the recitation.


March 19, 2020/Archived August 2022


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