In Love by Beverly P.

Word Count 657

He sat quietly at the table, beer mostly untouched. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He had only met her that morning, but she had touched him deeply. Those warm brown eyes, golden hair……..How could he have fallen in love that quickly? Was this just a passing thing? Would Murdoch understand?

Earlier that day, he had been on his way home from a business trip. Needing to water his horse, he stopped at a farm he knew to be close by. Miles Jameson, the owner, was always very welcoming to the Lancers; he and Murdoch had been friends for many years. In hearing the arrival of a guest and the greeting between the two men, Mrs. Jameson had come out and invited him in for some breakfast. He wanted to decline, but since he hadn’t eaten a decent meal in a few days, welcomed the invitation. Mrs. Jameson made him a plate with eggs, bacon and fresh-baked bread. He didn’t realize how famished he was until he dug in. Mr. Jameson asked him about Murdoch and the rest of the family. How were they? He hadn’t seen his friend in quite a while, so was eager to hear. After catching  them up on family news, he thanked the Jamesons for their kindness and excused himself, saying he still had quite a ride ahead of him if he wanted to be home by dinner time.

Mr. Jameson walked outside with him, and that’s when he saw her, over by the barn. He smiled and walked over to her. Mr. Jameson did the introductions; her name was Sandy and her parents lived just down the road. She and her parents came by just about every morning for a short visit. He sat down on a bale of hay, inviting her to join him. Taking him up on the invitation, she sat next to him, turned toward him and looked deep into his blue eyes. He found he could not look away from her. They had made a connection, “kindred spirits” if you may.

Reminding himself that he needed to be on his way, he said goodbye to Sandy and Mr. Jameson. Mounting his horse, he turned towards home. As he rode along, all he could think about was Sandy and her beautiful brown eyes………….

He had decided to stop in for a cold beer on the way home. Perhaps he could then forget about her, but the beer sat, mostly untouched, in front of him. He knew what he had to do. He didn’t care what the family thought about it, he was in love. He got up, tossed the barkeep a coin for the beer, and exited the saloon. Mounting his horse, he turned back toward the Jameson farm, hoping Sandy might still be there.

When he arrived, Mr. Jameson went out to greet him, wondering if he had forgotten something. He asked about Sandy. Was she still here? Yes, sitting on the back porch with Mrs. Jameson. He rode around to the back of the house, and there she was, so beautiful his heart skipped a beat. He knew right then and there that he had to take her to meet his family. Mr. Jameson asked if he was sure about that. Yes, absolutely sure. Would Mr. Jameson help her into the saddle so she could ride with him? He didn’t have a buggy, so sharing the saddle would be the best transportation he could offer, even though it might be a bit cramped.

Slowly, they rode home to Lancer.  As they rode under the arch, the family saw them and came out to greet the late-comers.  Murdoch was a bit peeved, seeing as how he was late for dinner, but that was short-lived when he saw Sandy. Giving her a big smile, he reached up and helped her down from the horse………..

…………….and that’s how Johnny came to adopt a puppy.


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9 thoughts on “In Love by Beverly P.

  1. Oh you are such a tease 😮, I was ready for Johnny to have a new girl…..I thought he had met the one 🤭
    That was cute…..Thankyou…look forward to many more stories from you.


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